The primary responsibilities of the Director of Communications are to:

  • Provide oversight to PTO website
  • Facilitate communication activities (Facebook, email communications, PTO website, etc.)​

The primary responsibilities of the Secretary are to:

  • Record all business at each meeting
  • Post/distribute minutes of each meeting 
  • Maintain PTO calendar
  • ​Provide oversight of the marquee committee

The primary responsibilities of the Family Events Liaisons are to:

  • Provide oversight and coordination of ​family events ​including:
  •                    Candyland Ball
  • ​                    Family Sports Nights
  • ​​​​​​                    Talent Show

The primary responsibilities of the VP of Fundraising  - IIYC are to: 

  • Encourage CMES parents and community to donate to IIYC
  • Track expenditures and revenue for IIYC
  • Plan goal celebrations and ensure they are scheduled and completed

The primary responsibilities of the Teacher Appreciation Coordinator are to:

  • Coordinate monthly appreciation events
  • Provide oversight and coordination of the annual teacher appreciation luncheon for all teachers and staff


The primary responsibilities of the Vice President are to:

  • Assist the President
  • Carry out duties of the President in the President's absence
  • Succeed the President in the following school year
  • Provide oversight to the Supply Pack Committee
  • Serve and oversee the Nominating Committee for the future board

The primary responsibilities of the Community Liaison are to:

  • Partner with businesses and other organizations in the community to build positive relationships
  • ​Provide oversight for Skate Nights and Family Dining Nights

The primary responsibilities of the President are to:

  • Set direction for PTO Board to ensure that maximum value (funds, volunteers, events, etc.) is passed along to the students of Cox Mill Elementary
  • Organize, facilitate, and lead PTO Board meetings, summer planning sessions, and General Membership Meetings

The primary responsibilities of the VP of Fundraising are to: 

  • Serve as point of contact for all PTO fund raising activities including Spiritwear, School Store and Holiday Shop
  • Ensure all events are scheduled and staffed
  • Provide oversight to the Collection & Rebate Committee
  • Track expenditures and revenue for each activity

The primary responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinator are to:

  • Encourage Cox Mill Elementary parents to join the Cox Mill PTO (for FREE!) and welcome new families to CMES
  • Maintain comprehensive list of PTO members, their email contact information, and volunteering preferences
  • Maintain comprehensive list of volunteers and distribute to Committee Chairs when staffing PTO events and activities. 
  • ​​​Coordinate annual BooHoo WooHoo Breakfast and Volunteer Interest Meeting.

The primary responsibilities of the Treasurer are to:

  • Receive and disburse all PTO funds per bylaws and authorization of the PTO board
  • Manage and file accurate record of receipts, expenditures, and statements
  • Present financial statement at each meeting of the organization and the Board
  • Prepare annual budget (with Board assistance) to be submitted and approved by general organization
  • Solicit membership approval for additional expenses or budget amendments
  • File necessary tax forms and sign all checks
  • Conduct required audits of financial documentation.