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The Cox Mill Elementary PTO feels it is important to foster relationships outside of the school day. Students, parents, and staff all enjoy getting together and having a little family fun throughout the year!

We missed getting together last year, but we are busy planning some fun activities for this fall!

​Here are some ideas in the works for this fall:
​*Tailgating and Cox Mill High School football game on August 27

*Charlotte Checker's game

*Ninja Nation

*Sonday Funday

We also plan a monthly Dining Night at a local restaurant and Skate Night at Frye's Roller Rink. These are two events you can count on! In addition, throughout the year we offer events in connection with the athletic teams at Cox Mill High School, BINGO night, "Son"day Funday, Daughter's Choice Winter Wonderland Ball, Charlotte Hornets games, and more!

Family Fun